American Pulmonary
Medicine Institute
The American Pulmonary Medicine Institute exists to fulfill the idea of “Optimal Health” via three main objectives:

    Eduction of Patient and Healthcare Professionals of all levels of training and expertise

    Support of Research at both a resident physician training level and post-doctoral development of devices and therapies aimed at the alleviation of cardio-pulmonary disorders

    Humanitarian relief, regional, national and international

On the following page (select “Overview of A.P.M.I”above),  a 
5 minute video slideshow will give you a quick overview of the organization and its past history and future plans--outlining the affiliation this organization now has with the Birmingham Area Tobacco Treatment Specialists (B.A.T.T.S.)  in that both are aligned in educational, research and date collection interests.

Above, front left: Dr. O.W. Clayton with first medical student recipient of scholarship (center), Cliff Deerman  flanked by, l to r, Frank D. Sutton, Michael W. Davis, Sr. and Judge James Hard

Center, below:  l to r: Judge James Hard, Dennis Delgdo and Richard Champion

Above, right: l to r:

Doctors Orville W. Clayton, honoree, and Hurley K. Knott

Welcome to a preview of A.P.M.I., established 1991 as a 501 C 3 non-profit organization